About Lumi

What is it about us that works

Have you ever wished there was a simple solution? That’s us.

We Align Ourselves With You

Lumi is a business driven by a set of core values aimed at delivering results to our clients.
  • Honesty Comes First
  • Lumi operates with full disclosure towards our clients as any good relationship should
  • Lumi Is A Family
  • And we strive to keep our family proud
  • Always Work Hard
  • Self-belief and a strong work ethic makes any problem insignificant
  • Lifetime Learning
  • Remaining humble in the face of the unknown keeps us sharp
  • Be Good To People
  • Great things don’t happen in a void – it takes a team and a support network

This Is a Lifestyle

We work non-stop for you to deliver the highest quality software solutions catered uniquely to your business.

Lumi delivers fast turn-around for custom business solutions. Start improving your business in record time.

Start kicking goals for your business and get in touch today.

We Take Time To Understand You

Our specialised appraisals are designed from the bottom up to understand how your business operates and recommend the most effective solutions.

Invite us in for a review of your current software and technologies. Our appraisals are free and aim at adding value to your business from the get go.

Our solutions are one of a kind, molded to your business needs. With flexible options for expansions and scaling, you have nothing to lose.

The Personal Support People

Custom solutions means custom support – something we take very seriously. Every Lumi client knows; this means a direct line to one of our brilliant technical team and a simple, effective Support Portal.

When everything stops working, we start working harder.

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