We Get Asked Lots of Questions

Here are some of the most common



Questions and answers – what Lumi can offer you and your business. Still unsure? Get in contact.

What does Lumi offer?

Our business is here to support yours. We offer unique software solutions for any use cases. Spending too much time on administration tasks? Want to capture more web traffic? Do you wish that you could operate your coffee machine from your phone? Give us a call.

I want a website, can you help?

Yes! We specialise in beautiful, responsive website development for all business types and needs. Check out our Website Launch Pad to get started or have a look at some of our Case Studies.

What do I get from a support contract?

We are here to support your business through technology. A support contract gets you the peace of mind knowing that if catastrophe hits we will be there to help. Support contracts are highly individual and can be transformed to better meet your business needs. Prepaid, subscription and per issue options are available. You get 24/7 access to our Lumi Support Desk where you can log tickets with us to track and solve any of your issues.

What if I want to change/update my solution?

We handle all changes and updates through change requests – simply log a ticket with our Support Desk to get started!

What if my question still isn’t answered?

We will be happy to answer it for you. Get in contact today.